Procedure method and selection



In the context of the Good Landlordship Act, we at The Hague Real Estate Services must have a working method aimed at preventing housing discrimination when offering rental properties. Below we describe the working method of our office.


Prohibition of discrimination

When we choose a tenant, we make no distinction on the basis of race, religion, political opinion, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or chronic illness.


What we ask for data

What we can request from the candidates is the name, address, place of residence, e-mail address, proof of identity, composition of the family, income level (with supporting documents), the amount of the rental price of the candidate's current rental home and/or a landlord statement.

We request the above information to use it for the selection procedure. For the sake of privacy, we only request this information after the property has been viewed and the selection procedure has begun.


Our selection procedure

We apply a clear and transparent selection procedure and use objective selection criteria when publicly offering the living or accommodation space. Below you can read how we design the selection procedure.

If you are interested, you can respond to the public offer of the property via: and we will contact you about this. Later in the selection procedure we will request your data and test it. We use the selection criteria below.


Our selection criteria

When we offer a house, we select the first ten candidates (or fewer with a smaller number of registrations) who register with us. You can register via the email address: The registered candidates may view the house. If several candidates want to rent the property after the viewing, the tenant who meets the applicable selection criteria will receive final approval from the owner of the property. In the event of equal suitability based on the previous points, the candidate who registered first will be allocated the house.


We use the following selection criteria:


−      amount of gross income;

−      the family layout (living alone or together, with or without children);

−      whether or not to have pets;

−      a positive landlord or mortgage statement.

Assignment and rental agreement

If you are allocated the house based on the applicable selection criteria, we will of course let you know. You will then be offered a rental agreement.



If a candidate is rejected, we will inform the candidate. We will also explain why the choice was made for the selected candidate.


The measures taken to prevent residential discrimination

Our entire office is familiar with this method. Our rental employees are informed about the working method and are guided in this, for example by following relevant courses and training to prevent housing discrimination. As a prospective tenant, would you like to read more information about preventing housing discrimination? See links below:


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If experience gives reason to do so, our working method will be adjusted in the context of evolving insight.