The Hague Real Estate Services

Your realest real estate agent in The Hague

We’re here to make the most meaningful match. With that trustworthy tenant. Or that reliable buyer. To help you find your wonderful rental. Or a perfect property to buy and call your own.


Your realest real estate agent in The Hague


We rent, manage, and sell properties in the luxury segment of The Hague and the surrounding area


We connect owners & tenants and sellers & buyers. And thanks to our years or experience and people skills, we make the most meaningful match


Our genuinely driven team will take care of you

These are our exclusive rental properties:

We build long-term futures

In our collaboration, we truly see you. We dig deep to discover your wishes. And we aim for the highest possible outcome. Time is money, we know, so we act fast. But the quality of the match is more important than a quick deal.

Because we are more than your real estate agent; it’s about building long-term futures. That is why we connect the right people. So both sides are simply super satisfied.

Nice to meet you, my name is Manon. I’ve been working with my partner for more than ten years now. We don’t just work with properties: we take pride in what we do. So, we aim to make the most meaningful matches for our clients. To leave you super satisfied.

We work together with a team of superstars. People who all excel in what they do and value your property beyond what the Excel-sheets show.

Because we are real.

We are The Hague Real Estate Services.

And we’re here for you.



"By far the best rental agent! Quick and pleasant communication, good guidance, clear agreements, sincere advice and involved in the entire process from A to Z. Manon & Onno + team, thank you again for your fantastic service!"


"Great organisation! Manon and colleagues have helped us in every way in renting out our apartment. Very professional. They think about everything. Are always available and/or call back quickly. Super friendly. A deal is a deal. Rental agreement drawn up perfectly. An absolute must! We’re not looking any further for our future assignments"


"Not a bad thing to say about this company! Mandy helped us very well from start to finish with renting our first home. I could go to her for any question and received quick responses. Definitely recommended!"