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The Hague Real Estate Services The Hague combines the strength of real estate 4 professionals as well as the rest of the team, in the luxury segment within real estate. This real estate agent distinguishes itself from the traditional market with a focus on both professionals, expats and other professionals. as well as individuals. The Hague Real Estate Services stands for a high-quality and versatile service and specializes in various facets of real estate. 

Full service broker The Hague

What is a full service broker?

Full service means the full package of services. It starts with an appraisal and a consultation and ends with the notary. A full service broker takes care of the entire sales or purchase process of a house or apartment. In this way the broker relieves you of A tm Z.Real estate agent  The Hague, Real estate agent for rent  The Hague, Real estate agent for rent  The Hague

As a NVM Broker We The Hague offer high quality homes with a high level of finish and exclusive appearance. We specialise in the various facets of real estate, such as, for example:

We focus on both professional investors and private individuals. Moreover, we operate in a very strong network.

Best rental broker in The Hague

With a pragmatic approach NVM Makelaar The Hague Real Estate Services proves the diversity in the sector. This distinguishes us from the traditional providers. We are your party in reliable real estate advice. Regardless of the market situation, we will distinguish ourselves from the masses on the basis of a relationship driven and personal approach.


We offer high quality, turn-key apartments in The Hague, Wassenaar and Voorburg with excellent finishes and a great appearance.

Full Service

We are an experienced, full service broker The Hague with market knowledge, a great network and an enthusiastic team.


No is just not an answer to us. We will continue until we have the best deal.


Our team of realtors know all the properties personally and aim to achieve the best and fastest result.


Purchasing, renting, selling or letting can be life-changing decisions. Therefore care and discretion are of paramount importance to us.

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Customer satisfaction

Our landlords give us an average 9.4 rating through Funda on average one 9.4 as an assessment on matters such as: local market knowledge, expertise, service & guidance & price & quality.

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NVM Broker The Hague

The Hague Real Estate Services is an affiliated NVM real estate agency located in The Hague. NVM stands for Dutch Association of Brokers and Appraisers in real estate. The association was founded in 1898 and ever since they support affiliated brokers. They also represent the branch towards the government and politics. Currently, about 4100 appraisers and realtors are connected to the NVM. Therefore you can contact us for:

  • Advice regarding the points evaluation system.
  • Advice for bank approval.
  • Interior styling
  • High quality property marketing
  • NVM Rental contract in both English and Dutch
  • Search and find the best match.
  • Property management

Corporate Social Responsibility

Full Service Brokerage The Hague Real Estate Services is in the middle of society. For example, we are an ambassador of Stichting Babyhuis

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"Again an excellent rental procedure with this office. After departure of the current tenant, the new tenant moved in directly. Once again, no vacancy at all!"

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