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Rental Agency The Hague 

Rental agency The Hague Real Estate Services from The Hague The Hague Real Estate Services loves to connect. That is what we do with passion, with full conviction. This Is what we stand up for every morning. Finding a reliable tenant for a landlord and vice versa.

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Best rental & leasing agent The Hague

The Hague Real Estate Services is the fastest rental agent of The Hague. We have a wide range of beautiful rental properties on the best locations in The Hague, Wassenaar and Voorburg. Both tenants and landlords get from us the attention they deserve. Every day our team is working hard to satisfy everyone. Service, reliability and speed are our top priorities. Our customers appreciate this, because they give us a good 9 for our assessment. We are super proud of that!

Rent out your property in The Hague or surroundings?

Rent out your property in The Hague or surrounding areas, such as Leidschendam - Voorburg, Rijswijk and Wassenaar? We look at it with pleasure. For each house is a suitable tenant. We would like to take a look at your property. We will then advise you on the strategy to be followed. Transparency and discretion are paramount. We are happy to take all the care out of your hands. We will not only assist you in renting out your property, but you can also hire us to take care of the management perform.

The Hague Real Estate Services from The Hague has an excellent network within the international organisations that The Hague is rich. Many successful lettings have already been concluded for other companies. expats out of it. We also rent out many houses to embassy staff, footballers and celebrities. In terms of service we go to the extreme. If someone is looking for a cleaner, we will try to arrange it.

Our process for renting out a property

  • We start by visiting the property and giving rental advice;
  • We bring your house directly, very actively and widely under the attention. We do this with potential rental candidates including for example; individual expatriates, relocation companies, International organizations, fellow mediators and brokers;
  • During the Corona crisis we do a lot of viewings online, for example by video;
  • Then we place your property on Funda and Pararius;
  • We plan and guide your viewings;
  • We then conduct an extensive search for the rental candidate. This includes a credit check*;
  • As a NVM Real Estate Agent We draw up an NVM tenancy agreement in Dutch and/or English;
  • We also perform a pre-delivery inspection including the creation of a delivery report and photographs;
  • The collection and payment of the first month rent and deposit;
  • Guidance during the rental or leasing process.

A credit check provides clear insight into the financial situation and business information of a person or organization. By performing a credit check, credit risks are minimized.

What does hiring a rental agent in The Hague yield?

  • The rental broker knows the market well and therefore has a larger reach. He or she often has many contacts with organizations and companies that work with expats;
  • The rental agent knows the market and therefore knows what a good rental price is for your property;
  • Tenants have certain rights. The rental broker knows exactly what should and should not be laid down in the contract;
  • The rental agent avoids vacancy as much as possible.

Useful information when renting out a property

Hire real estate agent The Hague

The Hague Real Estate Services is a Full Service real estate agency in the region The Hague. The owners of this NVM real estate agency from The Hague are Manon de Lange and Walther Stokman We employ experienced and driven professionals, who are among the best in their field. Our offer and advice is characterized by exclusive and quality real estate in combination with a personal and service-oriented sales and rental strategy. For example, are you looking for a rental agent, a sales agent or do you want your property management outsource? Then don't hesitate to contact us. Also on our Facebook page and our Instagram account you will find more information about our services and our current properties. Tell us your wishes and we will search for the perfect home for you. Call 070-2141077 or  06-21874097 for more information or to make an appointment.  

Short stay The Hague - Short stay in The Hague

Are you thinking about renting out your property for a short time? Surf then to the Short Stay rental page. As an NVM estate agent, we would be happy to assist you. Short stay is something that is very common in a city like The Hague . This is attractive for tourists and business people. The Hague Real Estate Services have several properties at their disposal in The Hague , which are very suitable for a 'Short stay' stay.

Rental agent The Hague

The Hague Real Estate Services is the perfect Rental agent in The Hague for expats. Surf to our Expat Home Search page. How can we help you?

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Rental agency The Hague

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