Also for the valuation of a house you The Hagueneed to go to The Hague Real Estate Services are.

Valuation House The Hague

The Hague Real Estate Services from The Haguevaluates private homes in The Hague, Voorburg& Wassenaar. We focus on high quality valuations for a good price.

We also prepare valuation reports for you:

  • Business premises
  • Offices
  • Residential complexes
  • Investment projects
  • Shops

With every valuation you will receive a tailor-made report. We guarantee that every valuation carried out by us is recognised by banks. This is because The Hague Real Estate Services The Hagueis a member of The Hague Real Estate Services. NWWI. We therefore use the requirements of the NWWI for a qualitative assessment.

Valuation House  The Hague, Real estate agent  The Hague

Dutch Housing Value Institute (NWWI))

NWWI stands for Dutch Housing Value Institute. This institute approves the valuation reports drawn up by affiliated valuers. The NWWI checks whether the valuations are drawn up according to the correct guidelines. This means that every party knows where they stand when an appraisal is made, which is recognised by the NWWI. These valuations are reliable and objective. Only valuers who meet the high requirements of the NWWI can participate. There are currently about 4500 appraisers affiliated with this Institute.

How does valuing a house in The Hague?

An appraisal is an estimate of the sales value of a house by an independent expert, usually a real estate agent. Having your home appraised by an estate agent provides a good picture of the actual value of your home.

Appraisal house The Hague- an estate agent pays attention to the following

When you have your house appraised by a real estate agent, you know what the market value of the house is. In order to determine the value of your home as accurately as possible, the real estate agent takes the following things into account, among other things:

  • The state of maintenance of the house
  • The content and surface area
  • The construction and quality of building materials
  • The location, surroundings and facilities
  • Possible energy-saving measures
  • The degree of insulation
  • The type of house (detached, terraced house, etc.)

To get an idea of the value of your house, you can create an account on Funda and use the following tool:

Real estate agent  The Hague

Valuation house The Hague: fastest real estate agent

If you wish to have a property appraised, we will try to do so as soon as possible. If you make a request on a working day, we always try to contact you by telephone within an 24hour. One of our NRVT certified valuers will then gather information and, if necessary, make an appointment to have your house appraised in The Hague. When the valuation has been made, they will immediately start to draw up the valuation report. The aim is to send you the report in its entirety within 5days. For an appraisal in you The Hagueare here at the right address. The Hague Real Estate Services works according to the latest rules in the field of valuation of a house.

Would you like to sell your existing home or buy a new home after the valuation of your property??

Then surf to the sale and purchase of your property page.

Read more about the valuation of a property

The HagueHire a real estate agent

The Hague Real Estate Services is a Full Service real estate office in the region The Hague. The owners of this NVM broker The Hagueare from Manon de Lange and Walther Stokman We employ experienced & driven professionals who are among the best in their field. Us offer and advice is characterised by exclusive and high-quality real estate combined with a personal and service-oriented sales and rental strategy. For example, are you looking for a rental brokerone sales broker or do you want your property management outsource? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you phone or by email talk to you. Also on our Facebook page and our Instagram account you will find more information about our services and our current housing offer.





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