Full service real estate agent The Hague Real Estate Services The Hague specialises in the various facets of real estate; buying, renting, management, short stay, valuations and expat home search. We are both a Sales agent and a Purchase agent. We are also strong as a rental broker.


The Hague Real Estate Services stands for connecting. And we do that every day with passion and full conviction. This is why we get up every morning with love. A reliable rents ....

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Selling a house is about the connection between two parties. This is why a Sales Agent mediates in the sale. Sales agent The Hague Full ser ....

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For real estate management you can also contact The Hague Real Estate Services from The Hague. If desired, we can take all your real estate management off your hands. We are a full service, reliable ....

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Expat Home Search

Rental agent The Hague Moving to The Hague? We are the best Rental agent in the Hague you can wish for. The Hague Real Estate Services has successfully been servicing expats in The Hague to ....

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You also need The Hague to be at The Hague Real Estate Services for the valuation of a house. Appraisal House The Hague The Hague Real Estate Services from The Hague appraises private homes ....

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Short Stay Rental

  Short stay is the renting out of a house for a shorter period of time. Short stay is something that happens a The Hague lot. The Hague is an international city with a lot of outdoors .every year.

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