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Ambassador 'Babyhuis'

Broker in The Hague Also seeks social connection

Manon de Lange State with its rental team of Estate agency The Hague Real Estate Services To connect. And that connect, we do every day with passion and full conviction. Also socially connects The Hague Real Estate Services. We are always looking for ways to make life better for people who are struggling. If only a little bit ! Recently we came into contact with the Babyhuis. A non-profit organization with currently one home for supporting mothers in maternity..

What does it Babyhuis ?

Foundation the Babyhuis Offers shelter, care and guidance (forthcoming ) Mothers to support them in motherhood. We are working on a safe bonding relationship between mother and child and the ultimate goal is that they can live independently in a safe climate.

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Also have a Babyhuis In Leiden

At this moment in Dordrecht there is one Babyhuis . Last year, Manon has been hard at the foundation Babyhuis To assist in the realization of a third branch in Leiden. You understand, in order to realize this, money is needed, no less than € 100 .000,-in this case. For example, Manon has approached everyone – and that is what they really mean Iédereen – in her network to donate. In addition, she has published an article in a business magazine, which is published in the region of The Hague. All this successfully ! A former Roman Catholic reading room next to the Lodewijk Church in Leiden is now completely rebuilt. It is expected that the young (forthcoming ) Mothers from mid 2019 are taken care of so as to build a stable, safe mother-child relationship.

The owner Manon de Lange, is Ambassador of the Babyhuis .

As a mother of two healthy children, the hair goes to her heart that there are children, who do not have a warm and safe starting situation. Manon sets everything up to Babyhuis Provide the financial support it needs. This can be started in Leiden and Rotterdam with this great project. Would you also like to contribute to realising the Babyhuis ? That would be great ! How beautiful is it to be able to contribute to a loving and salvaged environment that is actually right for everyone and which may be so obvious to us.

Any contribution helps. Op www. It- Babyhuis .nl You can find more information about this fantastic initiative. If you would like to support this project, you can donate your contribution through:

The Baby house in Dordrecht NL74RABO0150524196 announcing Manon de Lange

Thanks, on behalf of The Hague Real Estate Services, Manon de Lange and the Babyhuis .

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